Alien Thoughts

A platform for international students

Brief / Unite the international students of Boston through an open, supportive and inclusive platform that shares tips and advice of living in Boston

Users / International Students in Boston with age rage from 18 - 30

Channels / Website, social media, and podcast
This project was created during the summer of 2018 when I had this idea of building a platform to give useful tips in daily life for international students because I had to Google about many things such as "what kinds of credit cards are best for foreigner?" which something that the university's website doesn't have. Luckily, two other friends also had the same idea and they joined me in the process of creating Alien Thoughts.
We agreed to do a little bit of user research and market research before starting to design the platform and to write the content so we can have an idea of what a desired platform could look like. We all started with these questions:
- At what point our product is different?
- What channels should we focus on?
- Who are our main target users?
- All over the US or just Boston?
We set a one-week timeline for the user research as we talked to target users to get as much information as possible. During this time:
- Conduct an interview with over 20 international students who study at Northeastern University
- Identify what they want & need from a platform for international student
- Identify key areas to focus on design (trending colors/styles that they like)
- Most students don't have a reliable resource platform to read about helpful daily tips (such as credit cards for foreigners)
- Nowadays they prefer to listen to podcasts
- About 70% international students hate a platform that redirects you to many third party apps


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